This Article also covers topics like

a) Lifestyle or Ayurveda HAIP Varsha Ritucharya to be followed to stay away from seasonal disease 

b) Foods to be eaten to stay away from seasonal disease .

c) Can doing heavy exercise cause chronic disease during the rainy season

d) Food and Herbs which can help build strength and immunity .

e) Simple technique to manage mood swings and depression during lockdown.

As mentioned in the Puranic Vedic  Book in Hindi Language  ‘Devi Sanatan Amrit’ (available on Amazon),  Page no 503-505 and other Ayurveda Text Books, rainy season marks the beginning of Dakshinayan also known as Visarg kaal wherein the physical strength of all living beings is generally weak.

 Also as per Ayurveda, rains increase the moisture content in the air because of which  Amlata (acidity) and indigestion will increase in the human body . This leads to Vata and Pitta aggravation. 

Common ailments during the rainy season include hyperacidity, indigestion, skin diseases, diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid, Viral fever, Common cold and flu, Leptospirosis, Stomach Infections etc.

Since we are facing the Corona Crisis, it becomes all the more important to prevent seasonal diseases by following the ‘HAIP recommendations for Varsha Ritu’. This will not only prevent unnecessary doctor visits but  also reduce the undue load on the health care providers.

HAIP Recommendations for Varsha Ritu 

  1. As per the Ayurvedic textbook Ashtanga Hridayam we should eat foods and herbs that increase our  digestive fire. e.g. Panchakola (Pippali, Pippalamula, Chavya, Chitrka and Shunthi) Only indicated for Vata and Kapha Body types for aiding digestion. Pitta body types can use Bhunimbadi Kadha for aiding digestion. To know your body type visit :
  2. As per the Ayurvedic text of Bhavaprakash, ‘Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) with Saindhava Lavana (Himalayan Rock Salt) is beneficial in the monsoon season for building strength and immunity . (Saindhav Lavan should be used in moderation for Pitta Body Type Person) .
  3. Use of  honey,  Amla, Ghee,  stored rice, lentil soups, bone broth for immunity and strength  building, is advisable during this season . 
  4. Using Drakshasava (Wine) in moderation can be beneficial for immunity and strength building . 
  5. During Rainy season a person shouldn’t go out on foot which means he may go out only in a vehicle and stay on the higher floor of a building to avoid gases or vapours exiting from wet earth which can be harmful as per Ayurveda textbook and also avoid diseases like Leptospirosis.
  6. Avoid exposure to afternoon sun, excess sleeping and day sleep , unnecessary eating, drinking and excess sexual intercourse to maintain your strength and immunity . 
  7. Exercise is classified as Low , medium and high intensity  . Since during rainy season   body strength is low it is recommended to do low intensity  exercise to support your body. If you do excess or high level of exercise during this seacon you can develop “Overtraining Syndrome” which can lead to chronic illness .  
  8. Avoid drinking cold drinks, cold water from the fridge , rain water, contaminated water. Use only filtered or boiled water. Avoid drinking excess fluids as it can further lower digestive fire. This will help avoid diseases like diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid, Stomach Infections etc.
  9. Use room temperature or lukewarm water for drinking. You can sip  warm herbal teas that are antibacterial, antiviral and immunity boosters like green tea , cinnamon tea etc.
  10. Do Fasting during this season . This will give rest to your digestive system which is weak in this season and also possibly fight  infection by activating our body’s natural scavenging mechanism and autophagy.
    Simple way to fast is to do Intermittent Fasting . To whom their  doctors permit, should follow Intermittent Fasting. It is recommended to have maximum two meals a day with fasting of 16 to 18 Hrs . Fasting triggers autophagy which is very helpful to kill germs and rejuvenate your body which may prepare you to fight CoronaVirus infection.
  11. Use warm water for baths and add  natural organic Perfumes made from essential oils like Rose . This will help to improve your mood which will help you fight depression and mood swings  associated with the lockdown.
  12. Avoid eating raw uncooked vegetables, raw salads or raw leafy greens. All vegetables and leafy greens to be eaten only after stir frying or cooking them well. To know the correct way of disinfecting vegetables and fruits in the current Corona pandemic, please visit the following link –
  13. To know about Corona Virus preventive measures in Ayurveda , Ayurveda’s immunity boosting technique and Ayurveda   self care during COVID 19 crisis please visit the following link

Enjoy a disease free, healthy rainy season.